Growth Groups

This semester there are four ongoing and three semester based studies for adults. The ongoing classes will continue to meet every week for an indefinite time period. The semester based groups will begin the week of February 9th. In addition to our adult bible studies, there will be groups for children and youth on Sunday mornings and children’s and youth ministries on Sunday evenings. To get active in discussion or to submit a prayer request, visit our forums page. To download the Growth Group Catalog, click here. If you are interested in joining a Growth Group, fill out our interest form to get started!

Ongoing Groups

The Writings of Paul | Sundays 9:00AM
Men’s Group | Room 101 | Led by Bill Key

Join us as we discover how the word of God, delivered to the churches through the Apostle Paul, still speaks to us today.

The Joy Class | Sundays 9:00AM
Women’s Group | Room 102 | Led by Phyllis Anderson

Topics will include why believers have to suffer here on earth and our response to it from the book of Job, and from Ecclesiastes we will focus on whether adhering to Biblical principles is worth the effort.

The Gospel Project | Sundays 9:00AM
Open to All | Room 104 | Led by Dale Perkins

The Gospel Project will guide men and women through key biblical concepts while creating a picture of the grand narrative of scripture.

Children’s Growth Groups | Sundays 9:00AM
Classes For Children 3 yrs-5th Grade | Downstairs in our Children’s Area

Our children will study bible stories in small groups with our dedicated children’s teachers.

Student Growth Group | Sundays @ 9:00AM
For Students in 6th-12th Grade | 3rd Floor Lounge | Led by Andy Brown

Join us upstairs for a time of study and fellowship.

Spring Semester Groups

Chase | Wednesdays 9:00AM
Women’s Group | Fellowship Hall | Led by Todi Crawford

We are all chasing something. Something that will make us happy; money , a new job, better behaved children. But it feels as if we are chasing the wind. “Chase” looks into the life of David, who was a man after God’s heart. David spent his life chasing after God. Through David’s life we will see what God really wants from us. God wants us to chase Him, not what we think will make us “happy”.

Secrets of the Feasts | Sundays 6:00PM
Open to All | Room 104 | Led by Tom & Sharlene Reed

Join us as we study the symbolism and prophesy surrounding the Old Testament Feasts. Learn about prophesies already fulfilled by Jesus as well as prophesies about the end times that have yet to be fulfilled. Discover amazing information from the Exodus to the end times and everything in between.

The Gospel of Luke | Wednesdays 6:00PM
Open to All | Room 101 | Led by Kerry Key

Luke brings the gospel of Jesus from the outside in. From start to finish he depicts Jesus as accessible to the outcasts, the lost, and the hopeless. As Jesus’ ministry continues, Luke shows that Jesus’ desire was not just to call sinners but to call sinners to repentance. Through Him sinners could find reconciliation with God. This return to God by outsiders causes insiders to re-evaluate the biblical story and examine what the foundation of their relationship with God ought to be.

The God Anthology Part 2 | Thursdays 8:00PM
Young Adult Group | Matt Anderson’s Home | Led by Matt Anderson

This study, by Mark Batterson, will look at how our experiences – including fears, concerns, demands of life, etc. affect our view of God’s character and filter Him into a god of our image. We will be exploring six critical aspects of God’s character, restoring a proper view of Him as He is revealed to us in the scriptures.

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