New to Galloway Baptist?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What do I wear?
You won’t find a dress code here – just wear your normal clothes. The old ideas of “your Sunday best” are gone, so expectations of full-length skirts, polished shoes, and neckties simply don’t apply. If you’d like to wear your Sunday best, you are of course welcome to do so, but for the rest of us who live life in jeans, sneakers, and a shirt, we’re going to show up in jeans, sneakers, and a shirt. Shorts and flip flops are not an uncommon sight at Galloway, either.

What can I expect?
We have two primary events that occur on Sundays: growth groups at 9, and our main worship service in the sanctuary at 10. Growth groups are special interest classes with topics ranging from book studies to video curriculum.

Sunday morning services usually follow a general pattern, but not always. A typical experience will include music (to which you may sing along if you like), teaching from the Bible (we encourage you to bring your own if you have one), and a few announcements. We won’t make you do anything you don’t want to do, and you won’t have to read or pray out loud. You won’t be expected to put anything in the offering plate or participate in a communion ceremony, either. I know that a church experience can be intimidating, what with all the rigmarole that is traditionally associated with a church service, but Galloway is pretty low-key on Sundays. You can sit with the folks in the back row if you need a low-profile introduction to a church experience. They’re harmless.

Can I bring coffee?

What about my kids?
Bring them too! We have on-site facilities on our lower level that are both safe and engaging for children ranging from infants to fifth grade. Children’s Sunday school runs concurrently with the growth groups at 9 AM, and your kids will begin the 10 o’clock worship service with us in the sanctuary and then go back downstairs for more activities. The older kids are welcome too – 6th to 12th grade students have a specific program on the third floor in The Hub on Sunday nights at 5:30 PM.

I don’t like Sunday mornings.
We certainly encourage you to be a part of our church on Sundays, and although that is our primary means of experience as a church, we have additional options available throughout the week. These options are flexible throughout the year, so feel free to either call our church office or come by on a Sunday morning just once to find out what they are.